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The Okavango Delta Safari: An Unforgettable Experience

We tailor make safaris to your best convenience. Take a look at some of our packages  bellow to get a better idea of our specials. If you don't see what you are looking for, let us know your needs and budget and we would love to send you some options that we think would be perfect for you!

see your child have the time of their lives with these family safaris in Botswana.
Experience the wonder of Botswana's wildlife reserves with your family on a thrilling safari adventure.

A childs ability to experience and understand true nature, is nothing but a blessing for a family to share. With this family special, children up to 16 sharing with parents, stay for free!

3 nights from USD 1890.00 per person sharing

Okavango family safari special

delta moremi special.jpg

Meru camping in the Okavango Delta! Enjoy mokoro excursions, scenic helicopter flights and a visit to an elephant orphanage with this perfect short safari getaway!

From USD 1100.00 per person sharing

2 nights Delta Camping

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Okavango Delta while on an evening boat cruise.
Experience the thrill of camping in the wild while enjoying the comforts of a fully-equipped safari camp

The True Okavango Experience!

Travel by scenic flight and experience three of the best areas that the Okavango Delta has to offer. Each stop is in a completely different and remote location, boasting exceptional wildlife throughout. 

9 nights best of the Okavango

Explore the beauty of the Okavango Delta on a game drive safari, led by an experienced guide.
enjoy a relaxing cocktail by the pool after you finish the day on adventurous safari.

Explore two completely different areas of the Okavango with both Pom Pom camp and Splash! Each located on opposite sides of the delta and combined by light aircraft so that you can see the best while in the comfort of luxury rooms.

6 nights luxury safari package

A close-up of an lions  face during a Best Botswana Safari.
An elephant roaming in the Botswana wilderness on a Best Botswana Safari.

Botswana safaris for any budget. Take a look at more of our combination safari packages for Botswana here.

More Botswana safaris


Discover an affordable escape to the heart of the Okavango Delta. These budget-friendly camps offers a unique opportunity to experience the wonders of the delta.

From USD 1390.00 per person sharing

3 nights Budget fly-in Special

Okavango Delta Boating.jpg

This activity packed mobile camping special will have you in large Meru level tents and en-suite bathrooms, while you experience scenic helicopter flights, mokoro excursions and game drives.

From USD 2890.00 per person sharing

5 nights Delta & Moremi Special

Okavango Delta landscapes and waterways
Relax in your private plunge pool overlooking the savanna

Explore the Okavango Delta by traditional mokoro, motorboat and game drives. This package includes two different areas to get the most out of a perfect wildlife safari.

6 Nights land and water safari

luxury accommodations in the heart of the Okavango wilderness.
extravagant sunset boat cruises in the north of the Okavango Delta

Known for its consistent sightings of predators and permanent waterways that allow for year-round activities of all kinds, this camp is perfect for an ultimate Okavango experience no matter what time of year!

3 Night Luxury Safari Special - Okavango Delta

Exploring the Okavango Delta: A Guide to Botswana Safaris

The Okavango Delta is one of the world's most unique and beautiful natural wonders. This vast inland delta in Botswana is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including leopards, lions, giraffes, elephants, hippos, and much more. It is also not only the worlds largest inland delta, but a UNESCO World Heritage site, making the area a must-see destination for any nature lover visiting Botswana.

The Experience

Truly an unforgettable experience, an Okavango Delta safari takes you on a journey through winding waterways and lush green islands, allowing one to discover the incredible wildlife that call this place home. You'll spend your days exploring this unique ecosystem, watching the wildlife, and soaking up all of the stunning scenery. Your nights are spent in eco-friendly and comfortable accommodations, with nothing but the noises of the African bush to lullaby you to sleep.

A typical safari will have you traversing seasonal waters in a traditional mokoro, a dugout canoe typically made from the trunks of African sausage trees. This allows you to glide silently through shallow waters and get up close and personal with animals that walk to the banks of the river.

Share the beauty of nature with your children on a mokoro canoe ride in the Okavango Delta.


The Okavango Delta is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including Africa's most iconic animals and many more. You have an opportunity to see lions, elephants, cheetah, leopards, giraffes, hyena, hippos, and crocodiles to name just a few. One thing to also note, is that the Okavango Delta in particular is home to one of the densest populations of the extremely endangered African Wild Dog. A birdwatchers paradise, the delta is also home to hundreds of bird different species. 

While many animals call the Okavango Delta their home, some appear more seasonally. After the rains have ended and the rest of the country is in the dryer winter months, the delta flood waters attract larger animals to venture out from surrounding areas in search of this seasonal paradise. 

rare wild dogs in the Okavango Delta.


There is a variety of accommodations available in the Okavango Delta, ranging from luxury lodges to more rustic camps designed for more affordability. Lelobu Safaris offers eco-friendly camps and lodges that are designed to have minimal impact on the environment. You'll find everything from comfortable beds to delicious African meals that can be catered to your dietary requirements. Ensuring you have a relaxed and comfortable stay.

relax after a long day and watch the Okavango's tranquil waters.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the Okavango Delta would really depend on what you plan to see and do. With seasons that change entire experiences every month, the delta is always a great place for a safari no matter what time of year.

The Okavango flood typically brings around the peak time for wildlife and activities, as more animals and especially birdlife congregate to the area during the months of May through to October. With this seasonal flood water, more activities like boat cruises and mokoro excursions become available throughout the delta as well. From October, the flood waters begin to dry and the hottest time of year begins. With less greenery and water, it becomes increasingly easier to search for wildlife during this time. As the flood waters dry however, mokoro and boating activities becomes less available in a lot of Okavango areas. Luxury lodges still have access to year-round water and are a go-to option for those who still plan on experiencing mokoro from November to April.

beautiful sunset in the northern okavango delta
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