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Delta Camp - A Family Paradise in the Okavango Delta

A childs ability to experience and understand true nature, is nothing but a blessing for a family to share. With this special Botswana safari package, children up to 16 sharing with parents, accommodation is free!

Delta Camp lies in the Okavango Delta on an isolated island and can only be accessed from both Maun or Kasane by light aircraft, providing breathtaking aerial views as you fly overhead! This exclusive access allows guests to discover some incredible moments during their experience!

The camp remains committed to its founding principle - that every act or intervention on nature comes at some price - while consistently offering guests high levels of comfort that perfectly blend in with Okavango's elegant environment.

Delta Camp prides itself on family values, trusting parents to know and understand the capabilities of their children. In keeping with this ideal, children of all ages are welcome and encouraged to experience such a magnificent place. Since most activities offer private sessions only, families also get to create memories exclusively between themselves and a professional guide.

3 Night Rates including Chartered flights from Maun.

December 2023 - March 2024:

USD 1800.00 per adult sharing.

April 2024 - June 2024:

USD 2370.00 per adult sharing.

July 2024 - October 2024:

USD 2650.00 per adult sharing.

children on family special have accommodation, meals, drinks and activities free. Chartered flights fee from Maun and return : USD 600.00


Exploring the Okavango Delta

You will have the freedom to explore the Okavango with your private guide independent of other guests and to plan your days according to whim.

Delta Camp offers twice daily walking safaris and mokoro (dug-out canoe) excursions into the Okavango Delta. The peace and tranquility, the regular and calming thrust of your guides "ngashi" pole, by which you are pushed forward, the gentle rustle as you cut through water and lily-pads, the clear moving waters beneath you, the warm sun overhead – all these sensations flood through you as you make your gentle progress through these exquisite and truly wild lands. As you thread your way through such floodplains and between nearby islands, trees older than you can imagine will mark your passage, as will the smallest of reed-frogs, watchful fish eagles, and various other living creatures, large and small. Hundreds of birds of all colours rustle and nest in the trees and reeds, red lechwe pausing in their grazing to observe you pass, hippos grunting in the lagoons and yawning in the lazy sun, crocodiles you don’t see will see you.

While traveling on foot with your private professional guide, you will learn about tracking animals, how they behave and live, as well as helping you to becoming aware of the plants and trees that surround you. Becoming more in touch with such natural elegance.

Your Guide

Born and raised in the Okavango, your guide joins you on your arrival and remains exclusively yours for the duration of your stay. Armed with a lifetime’s experience and eyes like an eagle, he will accompany you on all your departures, be they brief walks from the lodge, or full-day outings with a picnic lunch. The Delta Camp experience is not only about nature, but also a cultural one to spend time in the company of a person who has lived their life in such a wild place.


Scattered in the forest of a large, beautiful, and palm-studded island deep in the Okavango Delta, Delta Camp’s chalets are designed and built to take advantage of the many indigenous, old-growth trees of the island forest. The buildings don't interrupt the natural landscape so they are blended into the land as unobtrusively as possible. This sometimes trees grows through floors and the buildings themselves are elevated on decks, in order to minimize disturbing the earth bellow it. Locally grown reed and grass are the main means of construction along with easily removable canvas. Furniture is locally made from, wherever possible, locally grown material. Delta Camp also supports local artists and artisans to add to it's atmosphere.

Each chalet is en-suite with hot and cold running water, a shower with a view, a variety of beds and areas in which to relax, mosquito netting and solar powered electric lighting. The chalets are situated around the property to take advantage of the views of the surrounding bush and floodplains. Each spacious, chalet is individually designed to fit discreetly into its setting and to take advantage of the spectacular views. With that in mind, each room is different in their own way and unique to its placement.

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