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Botswana Safari Packages & Combinations

Our packages cater to all needs, preferences and budgets. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll tailor make a Botswana safari just for you! Our quality price match promise: If you can find a better safari deal, we'll do our best to beat it!

Explore Botswana wildlife with our lodge safaris
Experience luxury with Botswana lodge safaris

9 nights Kalahari, Okavango & Chobe 

Explore the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park with this all encompassing safari package.

Botswana lodge safaris: Your gateway to African adventure.
Where adventure meets luxury on safari.

Okavango Delta & Chobe National Park 

Spend your days exploring the pristine waterways and lagoons of Pom Pom Camp, along with game drives in the Chobe National Park and boat cruises on the Chobe River with Bakwena Lodge.

unforgettable Botswana lodge safaris await you.
Discover the beauty of Botswana with our lodge safaris.

Nxai Pan & Okavango Delta

Experience two fascinating  and unique areas in Botswana, with Nxai Pan and the Okavango Delta.

Explore the hidden treasures of Botswana through our exceptional lodge safari packages.
Get up close and personal with Botswana's wildlife during our lodge safaris.

Okavango, Chobe & Victoria Falls

Explore the best of Botswana and also also Victoria falls with this all-inclusive safari experience.

Botswana Safari Tours - Our Top Picks for Lodge Safaris

Are you dreaming of the perfect safari adventure in Botswana? Here's our list of ideal locations to add to any safari bucket list. Home to some of the world's most incredible wildlife reserves, including the Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta and Central Kalahari Game Reserve. From Deserts to lush wetlands, Botswana is a perfect destination for an unforgettable safari experience.

Okavango Delta Safaris

A UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Africa's most unique locations. Spending time exploring the Okavango Delta by boat or traditional mokoro allows for unique experience, and when combined with walking safaris with professional guides and game drives, prepare for an unforgettable time with a lot to do. Many camps are only accessible by light aircraft due to very remote locations but this only adds to experience! What could make things better than watching winding waterways and floodplains pass bellow you. If you're lucky, you may even spot a herd of elephants, giraffe or even buffalo roaming bellow.

Discover the best of Botswana's wildlife with our top-rated safaris

Chobe National Park Safaris

Known for having the highest concentration of elephants in Africa, spend your time with daily game drives within the Chobe National Park or even a sunset boat cruise on the picturesque Chobe River. Perfect for photographic opportunities, get eye level with wildlife as they roam to the banks or sit back and enjoy a cocktail while you watch the African wilderness surround you. Chobe national Park is one of Botswana's premier safari destinations and for good reason.

Experience the ultimate adventure with Botswana's best safari tours

Central Kalahari Game Reserve Safaris

Vast and remote, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is the second largest game reserve in the world and provides a nice contrast when combined with either the Okavango Delta or Chobe National Park especially. Here you can experience some of Africa's most elusive of wildlife, including bat-eared foxes, aardvarks, meerkats and even the rare black maned lion. 

Explore Botswana's finest wildlife reserves on our best safari expeditions

Nxai Pan National Park Safaris

A true gem for any Botswana safari, this large salt pan was formed by a process more than five million years in the making and makes up part of the larger Makgadikgadi basin. The fossil pan is also home to the extraordinary age-old Baine's Baobabs. These amazing trees are surrounded by endless plains and have captivates travelers for generations. Named after the explorer and landscape painter Thomas Baines, who painted the famous baobabs in the 1860s, they are still to this day unchanged.


Seasonal rainfall transforms the area into an oasis and one of the largest zebra migrations in Africa takes place each year between December and March, as hundreds move away from the Chobe area towards the now lush Nxai Pan in search of plentiful food and water.

Botswana's best safari tours - Your gateway to a remarkable wildlife experience

Always More to Explore

With so many areas to visit we can also tailor-make mobile camping safaris and combine these with lodges to take you even deeper into the Botswana wilderness. Perfect for those who prefer more privacy, we only use Botswana Guides Association camping grounds and HATAB sites (Hospitality and Tourism Association of Botswana) to ensure private and secluded camps within all the best wildlife areas of Botswana.

More Botswana areas to explore include:

  • Moremi Game Reserve: One of Africa's finest wildlife reserves and a great location to see predators such as lion and other larger animals.

  • Khwai Concession: A perfect addition for night drives and a popular location for rarer leopard and wild dog. Mokoro excursions can also arranged from the Khwai River in order to experience a whole new area with your guides.

  • Makgadikgadi Pans National Park: Unique and vast salt pans await within the heart of Botswana. As the largest salt pans in the world, the area is not only a prime location to experience massive zebra and wildebeest migrations but completely changes during the rains, transforming from wetland to grassy plains that attract flocks of birds and herds of game.

  • Savute: Making up the southern part of Chobe, Savute is a fantastic area to stop, especially after Moremi or Khwai and on the way to the northern Chobe National Park. Flat open plains allow for wildlife to be easily seen even from a distance and the large outcrops of volcanic rock make for a very interesting landscape when compared to the usual flat landscape of Botswana.

Botswana's best safari tours - Your chance to witness the wonders of Africa
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Affordable Safaris 2023 & 2024

Discount Specials and affordable safaris in Botswana for any budget.

Our best Botswana safaris offer an unmatched luxury experience
Explore Botswana's finest wildlife reserves on our best safari expeditions

Mobile Camping Safaris

Tailor made private camping safaris throughout all the wildest areas Botswana has to offer.

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