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Botswana Destinations

Exploring Botswana on Safari
Botswana is home to some of the most breath-taking and unique wildlife areas in the world. With so much to see and so much to do, destinations like these and so many others, should definitely be on your list to experience.

The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta's unique and fragile ecosystems are well-known for their extraordinary waters and wildlife diversity. Fed by the Okavango River that runs from Angola highlands, floodplains create oasis-like areas throughout. Being the world's largest inland delta, its ecosystem varies with grasslands, floodplains, savannas and forests all across its expanse.

One truly magnificent aspect of Botswana safaris lies within its Okavango Delta; home of one of the largest populations of endangered African wild dogs. Witnessing them roam freely amongst their natural environment is truly unforgettable, while exploring waterways and hippo channels by traditional mokoro is another highlight - both as cultural form of transport within remote regions as well as an excellent way to see animals up-close without disrupting them or disturbing their natural environments.

As part of the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve boasts its own impressive assortment of wildlife. A popular area for big cats such as lions, the landscape features grasslands, mopane forests (favored by animals) and waterways brought from Okavango Delta.

With so many reasons to visit all these areas on a safari holiday in Botswana, unique and unforgettable experiences await around every corner. Opportunities to see a wide range of animals and the dream like visuals of breath-taking landscapes. Whether a nature lover, or simply searching for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure, a safari holiday in Botswana is an experience that one does not forget.

The Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park in northern Botswana, offers one of Africa's largest elephant populations along with other attractions such as big cats, buffalos and zebras. Chobe River is world renowned for its stunning scenery and abundance of wildlife that inhabit it, so taking a boat cruise on it offers unique photographic moments where wildlife alights directly onto its banks at eye-level! Botswana safaris in Chobe National Park not only allow for scenic beauty and natural wonder but also rich cultural experiences in an unmatched part of Africa.

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The Central Kalahari Game Reserve

Vast and remote, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is located in the heart of Botswana. The reserve is not only on of the largest protected areas in Africa, but home to wildlife such as hyenas, and even rare black-maned lion. During the rainy season (typically from November to April) the desert blooms into life as lushness brings animals scurrying around, providing incredible wildlife viewing opportunities on any Botswana safari tour. Furthermore, this area also hosts San people, who have lived here for millennia.

Nxai Pan National Park

Nxai Pan National Park is another prime example of an area which transforms into an incredible oasis during these wetter months. Constituting part of Makgadikgadi Pans, its vast salt pan is well known not only for its large concentration of wildlife but also as being home to Baines' Baobabs; impressive trees thought to be over a millennium old that stand as testimonies to the area's presence and stand as incredible landmarks against an otherwise flat landscape; named for British explorer Thomas Baines whom they remain to this day as testaments of these trees' unchanging nature!

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